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1. How to preserve raw cashews?

Fresh (raw) cashews are cashews that have just been harvested (have just been removed from the fruit and have not been sun-dried or dried). To preserve these nuts for a long time, it is necessary to dry them under the sun. Cashews should not be exposed to damp air or rain on them. Cashews will be susceptible to mold and germination, leading to spoilage, causing great damage.

After the nuts have been dried, they should be put in a plastic bag and stored in a cool, dry place. Cashew nuts should not be placed on the ground, brick or cement because moisture can affect cashews.

2. How to preserve processed cashews?

Cashew nuts after being processed should be stored in a sealed box or sealed bag (vacuum). Do not leave in a humid place and minimize leaving cashews in the air because they are prone to moisture.

Cashew nuts should be stored in a cool place, at room temperature or in the refrigerator. Limit to high temperature places or near the stove. Because the cooking place is very hot, the nut container is easy to "sweat" so it's easy to get wet and mold over time.

Another important way to preserve finished cashews is to keep cashews away from ants, cockroaches, rats, and places where insects live. These creatures are very fond of the attractive taste and aroma of cashews, so it is easy for them to find and destroy cashews.

Limit leaving cashews in the air or open the packaging for too long, they will easily rot or mold. If you eat leftover cashews, you should put them in a bag, close the box and store it for the next time.

3. How to preserve Gold Cashews’ products?

Regarding to products of Gold Cashew, you can also preserve them in the same way as the processed cashews, mainly according to the following rules:

  • Seal the bag immediately after use, if there is any left over, zip the bag tightly and store it for future use. The packaging of Gold Cashew is designed in the form of a zip bag with quality packaging from Japan, easy for you to close after use and helps to preserve the cashew nut well, keeping the smell, taste, and nutritional value of the nut. 
  • When taking cashews out of the package, they should be used within 24 hours and should not be left out for too long in the air (especially humid air).
  • Do not leave cashews in a place with high temperatures.
  • Stay away from insects such as ants, cockroaches, mice, locations where these types of creatures are present.
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    Your blog post on "How to Preserve Cashews" is a highly informative resource for those looking to extend the shelf life of their cashew nuts. Your practical insights and methods for preserving cashews are especially valuable. The step-by-step guide you've provided, including the details on vacuum sealing and freezing, is both easy to follow and incredibly helpful. Your expertise in this area shines through, and it's evident that you've done your homework to ensure that your readers can make the most of their Cashew supply. In addition to saving money, preserving cashews allows us to enjoy their numerous health benefits for a more extended period. Thank you for sharing these valuable insights, which are sure to benefit anyone seeking to make their cashews last longer and stay as fresh as possible.
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