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When can kids eat cashews?

If cashews are finely ground or used like butter, they can be given to babies as soon as they are ready for solid foods, and are about 6 months old. However, whole cashews, chopped cashews and cashew butter can cause choking and breathing problems for children, so parents need to carefully read the instructions on ingredients and how to eat before giving them foods.

Where do cashews originate?

Cashew nuts originated in Central and South America, then the Portuguese introduced them  to India, which is currently the largest cashew nut producing country in the world. The image of a ripe cashew on a tree is beautiful: from each pod-like base grows a small, brightly colored fruit called a “cashew apple,” which looks like a pear or apple. “Cashew apples” are also edible, although they are not widely grown or sold in many parts of the world. At harvest time, cashews are usually separated from the hard shell which contains a chemical called "urushiol" which is also commonly found in poison oak and poison ivy.

Are cashews good for kids’ health?

The answer is yes. Cashews are rich source of good fats that are beneficial for the nervous system and brain development of young children. Cashews are also rich in zinc and fiber, two essential and important substances for the healthy development and digestive system of children. Nuts in general and cashews in particular are both excellent sources of iron and plant-based protein. In addition, cashews also contain vitamin K, an essential substance for blood clotting.

Can kids drink cashew milk?

It depends on the age of the child. Before 12 months of age, the only liquids a small baby can drink are breast milk, formula and by 6 months of age babies can drink small amounts of water (60-120 ml/day). If cashew milk is used as an ingredient in solid foods (such as oatmeal), it can be given to babies before 12 months of age.

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