I. Purchase

1.1. Purchase registration

1. For retail customers:

  • When ordering, customers need to fill in the correct and mandatory information such as: name of the buyer, full name of the consignee, address, phone number … Our nearest agent will contact you to check your information and discuss some relevant things.
  • The shipping address must contain clear and accurate details of the consignee including address and telephone number. We will not be responsible for customers’ incorrect information.
  • Some orders placed after 17:00 of the previous day may be processed for the next day. The regulations on delivery may be delayed on holidays, New Year. We will have specific notice at least 02 (two) days before the holidays so customers can be more proactive in ordering and receiving row.
  • We may charge you a shipping fee if the order is not eligible for free shipping.
  • Time to confirm orders after customers successfully place an order on the website is 48 hours.

2. For wholesale and agency customers

  • We only accept orders by email or sales department, not orders of agents on this website.
  • For units and individuals wishing to purchase in the form of a distribution agent, please contact our sales department to discuss buying and selling policies, dealer contracts, incentives deals … etc

3. For overseas customers who want to import goods

  • Please contact us directly by email or phone so we can better understand your request.
  • Due to the unique requirements of each country, making your requests is essential for cooperation.
  • We are happy to bring Vietnamese Cashew nuts to friends around the world.

4. For customers who want to pack on their own requirements (For those who want more information of their business on our packaging, we only accept when satisfying the requirements :

  • Large quantity (30 tons / month).
  • Products are still branded Gold Cashew.
  • Customers have to design the packagings by themselves and we must approve the design.

1.2. Price

  • Price of products may vary from time to time as well as promotions.
  • We always try to make all information and prices displayed correctly, however, sometimes there will be some cases of errors or mistakes. If a price error is found for any items in your order, we will notify you as soon as possible and you have two options: Confirm your order again at the correct price or cancel your order.
  • In case the price includes VAT if the customer needs to get an invoice, we will complete the procedures prescribed by the Ministry of Finance to issue an invoice to the customer within 3-7 working days.
  • In case the price does not include VAT if the customer wants to get an invoice, we will contact and notify the additional tax surcharge for customers to get the invoice.

1.3. Promotions

  • With the desire to bring the maximum incentives to customers, we often have promotions, special discounts.
  • Terms and time of each program will be updated at the promotion page from time to time and can be subject to change without prior notice to customers.

1.4. Payment Methods

When paying for goods, customers can choose the payment channels below with the corresponding time as follows:

  • Payment via bank transfer for orders shipped
  • Payment for delivery and cash payment (COD)
  • Payment by cash or card when buying goods at our agents


2.1. Changing orders

  • Before choosing the order completion step, customers can completely change the order information: name, address, phone, shipping method, payment method.
  • After completing the order, customers can also change order information (in case the goods have not been shipped yet) by calling directly to our Customer Support Center via phone number. 02836.008.009
  • Customers can change orders when one of the products they choose is out of stock.

2.2 Cancelling orders

Customers can request to cancel the order in the following cases:

  • Wrong delivery, wrong specification
  • The goods were damaged during shipping before it was delivered to customers.
  • Lack of quantity.
  • Quality is not ensured.


3.1. Reason for returning the goods

a. Subjective reasons

  • All products ordered from us and not in the list of restricted products that receive our return policy.
  • Customers can exchange / return within 1 day for delivery in the province and exchange immediately if delivered in the city
  • We only accept returns for products that meet the following requirements:
  • Packaging intact and no distortion
  • Have purchase invoice.
  • The products do not get dirty, scratched, broken, damaged, with a strange odor or showing signs of washing or using